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Our instructors has over ten years experience working in clinical settings teaching staff how to identify the risk of violence and aggression and how to manage it when it occurs.

Victor Ben-Okoh


Lead Violence Reduction Specialist , Vickbenok Crisis Management Limited

Victor is a qualified clinician, with over 16 years experience in both NHS and private mental health settings. He has vast experience of working and training in low, medium and high secure environments. Victor also gained a BSc degree in professional practice in violence reduction and has since turned his knowledge and expertise to the education and security sectors.

Victor has a passion for teaching fellow professionals and expanding their knowledge and skills base in the prevention and reduction of violence and aggression, human factors in health & social care, and crisis prevention and management.

Victor is a member, and also accredited by, the General Services Association. He regularly attends conferences and seminars relating to violence reductio

Carolyn Alexandra Branson


Tutor , Vickbenok Limited

My passion for MVA began when I first started working in mental health. Even before I had set foot on the wards, I had to complete all mandatory training which included MVA, I can remember thinking; “I love this!!! I would love to be more involved”. I advocate that there is so much more to MVA than just laying hands on people and students discover that when they come to our classes. We promote the use of all possible alternatives and questioning if it is absolutely necessary before laying hands on anyone. Once this is understood, we then teach people to manage violence in a safe and controlled manner.


Working in mental health on medium and low secure forensic settings, has given me a deeper understanding of how aggression and violence can be managed in diff