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Training & Services

Breakaway & Physical Interventions Training

This training program is to enhance skills like Assault Avoidance, Disengagement, Holding, Additional Holding. This program is extension to Conflict Management Programme, with focus maintained on Conf

Mandatory Training

Clinical Training, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Consent, COSHH, Dementia, Emergency Care & First Aid, Equality, Diversity & Human Rights, Fire Safety, Fluids and Nutrition, Food Safety,

Secure Transport Services

Our secure ambulances are fitted with a secure area (cage) in the rear section of the vehicle, which is accessible to nursing and VICKBENOK staff from both the inside and outside of the vehicle. This

Handcuff & Soft Cuff Training

This course aims to deliver UP TO DATE and LEGAL methods, rights and techniques in restraint using hand cuffs and soft cuffs. By the end of this course candidates will be confident in the use of hand